Welcome to Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center provides post-acute rehabilitative care and long-term care at two locations: Boston and Dedham. Our goal is always the same - to help individuals regain as much independence as possible. That independence can mean going home after recovering from an illness or surgery or setting meaningful goals as a long-term care resident. For individuals receiving care in our outpatient department, it means regaining strength and learning new strategies for renewed vitality.

In Boston, HRC is located at 1200 Centre Street at the VFW Parkway, minutes from the Longwood Medical Area and convenient to public transportation.

In Dedham, HRC is located at 7000 Great Meadow Road on the NewBridge on the Charles campus, conveniently located off Route 128.

Who Can Volunteer?

The Hebrew Rehabilitation Center volunteer corps includes over 300 individuals, ranging in age from 16 to 90+. Newbridge accepts some student volunteers age 13-16. Our volunteers are retirees, professionals, students, family members, and others. We count on our volunteers to improve the quality of our residents' lives in a variety of ways. All are welcome to volunteer!

We Make it Easy For You!

We know that everyone has many obligations and commitments, and that's why we encourage you to set your own schedule. You may decide to volunteer days or evenings, an hour or two a week, or once a month - no matter how much time you give, you will make a difference! You will receive on-the-job training and supervision... and an opportunity to belong to a wonderful group of caring people.

What are the benefits?

General requirements for volunteers:

  • The minimum age for volunteers is 16 (13 at HRC in Dedham), except for Pharmacy volunteers who must be 18;
  • Applications can be completed online through this website;
  • Applicants will be interviewed by the Director of Volunteer Services. Acceptance is determined by availability of positions and suitability of volunteer's qualifications;
  • Volunteer Service is contingent upon successful completion of a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) background check which is completed on all applicants and screening by our medical staff.
  • We require immunizations for flu, mumps, measles, chickenpox and a yearly TB screening. We provide all of these free of charge if you cannot bring proof that you have had them.
  • We request that volunteers serve a minimum 25 hours during the first six month period.
  • Volunteers will be photographed in our Human Resources Department after their interview and will be issued an ID badge upon completion of their CORI check and immunization clearance. The ID badge must be worn at all times as it grants access to the volunteer office where volunteers must sign in and out.

Junior Volunteers

HRC offers a volunteer program throughout the year for teens from 16-18 years old. We value our student volunteers, many of whom continue to volunteer well into adulthood. Junior volunteers will be accepted based on maturity, qualifications, and the current needs of HRC and must commit to 25 hours during a six month period if the service is during the school year. Students sign a contract with us and in return, we attest to community service hours.

Additionally, each spring a deadline is posted for summer applications. Summer student volunteers must commit to a minimum of 25 hours per month during an eight week summer, and will adhere to the same contract as school year volunteers.

Volunteer Services Department
Director: Gail Bork
Assistants: Barbara Ford and Judy Selden
1200 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02131
Phone: (617) 363-8421
Fax: (617) 363-8925
E-mail: hslvolunteerservices@hsl.harvard.edu
Assistant: Pam Greene
7000 Great Meadow Road
Dedham, MA 02026
Phone (781) 234-9350
Fax: (617) 363-8925
E-mail: hslvolunteerservices@hsl.harvard.edu